Meet Me and Mr. Morgan

EEEEK! I cannot contain my excitement about this portion of the MC Morgan site! A place where I get to share the adventures of marriage with yall! YAY! To start, lets go back 14 years. Yup, you read that right. 

Pete and I started dating in MIDDLE SCHOOL... Braceface and all. YIKES. While I could go on and on about our awkwardness, I figure we have all these pics that can catch you up! 

The Gist: We started dating in 7th grade (2003). Pete was amazing at basketball and I ran cross country. He picked me up for school everyday, we hung out at lockers, studied together etc. Basically we were inseparable (still are, some things never change!).  EXCEPT Whoops, Pete decided to head to the University of Michigan while I headed to The University of Florida. Small glitch in the plan but 100% God's plan. We made it work. I bleed a little Maize and Blue now, too. Plus, our memories in Ann Arbor are some of my all time favorites. We got married(FINALLY, turns out you have to wait forever to get married when you start dating at 13 yrs old) and moved out to the Bay Area for Petes job. Weve been here ever since and loved every minute of it. And we love each other. Alot. 

  • About Pete: He's a Man of God, he's goofy & patient, puts up with my craziness, and is the absolute most serving and loving husband. He's supportive and selfless. And an introvert. (oh and did I mention he loves chick flicks) 
  • About Me: Love jesus, nester/homebody but also a MAJOR extrovert. Totally not worthy of Pete's patience/love but blessed by Jesus to be married to this man! When at home, I can be found wearing THESE 99.9% of the time and Pete's never said a thing about them. Literally. HE. IS. A. SAINT. 
  • About US: Were staying agile for now. No kids, no pets. Savoring every minute of just the two of us for a bit longer until we start to build a family! We love laying on our couch pod (literally a huge sectional and ottoman that will swallow you whole if you aren't careful).  We love food. WE LOVE our bible study (made up of the 6 of most inspiring, loving, talented and fun couples in the bay area). We love trash TV (the bachelor, Suits, BRAVO you name it we watch it). We love good TV (Game of thrones, This is Us, Stranger Things, Big Little Lies, you name it we watch it). We love kids and can frequently be found kidnapping our best friends adorable little kiddos to spoil them rotten and return them full of sugar. We love and value our families! (I am one of four and Pete is one of three). We are blessed with amazing jobs in one of the most inspiring places in the world in terms of innovation in the workplace. In short, we have been blessed beyond belief and cannot wait to share bits and pieces of our adventures with you! 
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