Baby Ian Fresh 48


Baby Ian Choe arrived today at 11:15am. A precious, healthy, tiny little 7 pounds 6 ounce baby boy. Peter and I have been so blessed with the amazing friendship of Sean and Wonji over the past 2 years and could seriously SCREAM with excitement because they are officially PARENTS! I am absolutely overwhelmed with SO MUCH joy...Not only because they have just become parents to the worlds cutest little nugget, but also because I know (without a doubt) that they will be God-fearing parents to this tiny boy. That they will show Ian what it means to love Christ. That their joy and light for Jesus will spread to Ian (much like it has already spread to all of those around them) so immensely and powerfully that he will undoubtedly be filled with the Holy Spirit. So today, we Praise Jesus. We Praise him for a healthy mom and baby. For a Man and Woman of God who have just become Parents. And for the journey they have ahead with their son. For a Child of God.