L + E Wedding

Leah and Ed.

This was such a special day in so so so many ways. First of all, Leah and Ed have a maturity and love beyond their years. These two have been through the tragedy of both of their fathers passing, and have loved all the more and become the most beautiful two human beings in spite of it. I was moved to tears during so many moments where it was so clear that their bond surpassing that of other couple’s because of their absolute triumph over darkness. They are truly inspiring. And such a humble reminder that wedding days bring so many emotions—both happy and sad. And both emotions are deserve to be felt fully. And these two embraced it together like champions.

And then there is Leonard. Their adorable little boy. Who is every bit as wonderful as the two of them. He is truly going to be such a special young man some day having been raised by these two.

I’m so thankful to have been part your special day and inspired more than you two will ever know. Love you both. XOXO MC