Baby Isla's Newborn Session

Happy Sunday Folks! Today I had the sweet privilege of capturing the precious new addition to the Garrison family….Isla!

It felt like just yesterday when Heather, John, Annly and I were running around the Museum of Ice cream like crazy people capturing still shots of their fun personalities for their adoption portfolio. And today, I watched the new family of four love, laugh and cuddle each other for a sweet precious hour. My heart is so overwhelmed by this beautiful journey and I wish so badly I could explain to Isla just how lucky she is to be part of this family. She is loved more than she could ever fathom by a team of three that any kid would be lucky to be a part of. I cannot wait to continue to watch their family through all of the exciting milestones ahead.


The Lindsay Family Session

Meet the most joyful family there ever was. Seriously. Our session was on Sunday and it seriously set my week of to the best start. I mean, look at the amount of laughs and giggles between this crew…I can only hope my family has half the amount of laughs in a lifetime as these guys. Sheesshhh. Anyways, grab your hot cocoa and enjoy this Christmas joy.


The Lee Family Joe and the Juice Session

Hey now Hey now this is what dreammmmms are made of.—Literally me singing the entire time I was editing these! I mean have you ever ever ever seen a trendier family? Fact-no. Because this is it. They’ve claimed the title. You cannot help but smile at these goofy three brothers and their laughter throughout this session. Its contagious through the internet. Enjoy.


The Hestons Family Session

Where do I even begin with the Heston Family?!?! Maybe with the fact that Claire is my twin?!?! Literally she is all rainbows and butterflies and sass. It’s like looking in a mirror ha ha! And then Connor oh em gheee is he not the cutest lil guy youve ever seen?! AND THE DOGS? TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.

Anyways, enjoy these family pics.