Erin + Jeff Engagement Session

UM. I am literally counting down the minutes until I get to photograph these two again at their wedding next year. MY HEART IS EXPLODING. The amount of laughter and genuine smiles was killing meeeee. And the way they look at each other has me SHOOK. Erin and Jeff, you guys are the realist. Thanks for being so darn rad and cute. See y’all at the alter. he he.


The Lee Family Joe and the Juice Session

Hey now Hey now this is what dreammmmms are made of.—Literally me singing the entire time I was editing these! I mean have you ever ever ever seen a trendier family? Fact-no. Because this is it. They’ve claimed the title. You cannot help but smile at these goofy three brothers and their laughter throughout this session. Its contagious through the internet. Enjoy.


The Hestons Family Session

Where do I even begin with the Heston Family?!?! Maybe with the fact that Claire is my twin?!?! Literally she is all rainbows and butterflies and sass. It’s like looking in a mirror ha ha! And then Connor oh em gheee is he not the cutest lil guy youve ever seen?! AND THE DOGS? TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.

Anyways, enjoy these family pics.


Leah + Ed Engagement Session | Lovers Lane, SF

Holy SMOKE SHOW. I am literally speechless and audibly gasped several times while editing these. First of all, Leah is one of those annoying people who “feels uncomfortable in front of the camera” and then BAM turns into a freaking model and KILLS IT. She is NATURAL and needs to be hired by an agency. And then ED. OMG ED. I AM CRYING at the way he looks at Leah. I literally CANNOT WAIT for Jan 20 for this freaking wedding. Until then….