Seanji Maternity Session

Sean and Wonji AKA SEANJI.

Pete and I are so lucky to call these two our friends! We have shared life together for over a year now, rejoicing in the ups and comforting in the downs. And precious baby Ian is certainly an "up" worth celebrating in 2017. (Click here to see the gender reveal party we hosted for them!)

Seanji's pregnancy has brought our lifegroup so much's crazy to think Ian hasn't even arrived yet! We seriously may explode when he is born! 

I could go on and on about how much I love these two. But here are some adorable baby bump pics instead...they do the trick too. 


Blatz Maternity Session


Meet my friend Dana. She's pretty much perfect. We took some maternity pics right before her sweet baby girl, Athena, was born. She's one of those annoying people that can go from gym clothes to super model in less than 5 minutes. I saw it with my own eyes folks. I came over for this session and she "threw on" this perfect outfit and did "5 minute's of makeup/hair" Jealous much? Yes. 

And sheeesh can we talk about the most perfect baby belly the world has even seen. It's literally GLOWING. I've seen plenty of pregnant women "glow" but Dana's BELLY literally glows. Like WUT??  Dana is beautiful, caring and loves her family like nothing I've ever seen. She's one of the strongest women I know and it's an absolute pleasure to be her friend. So here's some precious pics of my sweet (perfect) friend. FYI just be prepared to have some major jealousy over Dana's little (9 month) baby bod. This girl needs to pump out like 10 kids because ain't nobody supposed to look this good pregnant. K bye. 


The Pender Family


YALLLLLLL!!! Meet the precious Pender family: Matt, Tyler, Camille and Caleb and baby on the way. I love them. I want to steal their children and/or join their family. This sweet family is waiting to find out baby #3's gender until its born(EEEEEK! LOVE THIS!). It was so adorable asking little Camille and Caleb what their gender guesses were. They are so excited for their new little sibling and watching them interact with each other made me so excited for this new little one on the way. They are going to be such amazing siblings to the new addition. Check out the adorable pics of them listening and talking to the little baby bump (OMGH TOOO CUTE). If scrolling through this session doesn't make you want a bajillion children then I don't know what will! This session literally makes me smile from ear to ear. Camille and Caleb are just the cutest. Then there's the rents. Matt and Tyler are such a joy to be around! They are so patient and calm with their little bundles of joy and energy. Its really encouraging to watch them love on their little ones the way they do. Camille and Caleb are so blessed to have Matt and Tyler as their parents. The Pender's genuine love for each other shines so brightly in these photos. Enjoy! (Also, the pic at the end is titled "show me the face you will make when you find out little sibs gender. Needless to say their acting did not disappoint.) 


Matt + Lisa Maternity


YOU GUYS!!!!! I don't even know where to begin with these two! Matt and Lisa have been some of our closest friends for the past 2 years! We are in the same life group and have been going through the highs and lows of life together and I cannot contain my excitement over their maternity session! Although it's a little late to the site (Lucy was born August 24th) I am SOOOO excited to share! I poured out a ton of details and emotions here over on Lucy's little post so I will spare you all the sappy details again. I just love these two (now three) with all my heart. Okay scroll away!!! <3 (also #pregnancygoals. Lisa's 9 month old belly looks like my belly after literally any meal)