Seanji Maternity Session

Sean and Wonji AKA SEANJI.

Pete and I are so lucky to call these two our friends! We have shared life together for over a year now, rejoicing in the ups and comforting in the downs. And precious baby Ian is certainly an "up" worth celebrating in 2017. (Click here to see the gender reveal party we hosted for them!)

Seanji's pregnancy has brought our lifegroup so much joy...it's crazy to think Ian hasn't even arrived yet! We seriously may explode when he is born! 

I could go on and on about how much I love these two. But here are some adorable baby bump pics instead...they do the trick too. 


The Riley Family

I met the Riley Family when Peter and I first moved to California....and boy did we luck out! They have become like family to us and  we really couldn't imagine California without them. Patrick and Caitlin are so much fun to be around and they have set the bar pretty dang high for our future kids. The amount of hard work and effort they put into every activity they participate in is seriously rad and inspiring. We cannot wait to see the amazing things they will continue to achieve and cheer them on along the way! Marci and Jim are #parentinggoals. They have truly mastered this whole parenting thing and made it look easy all the while. It's really rare to see such a special bond between parents and their children...But they have seriously achieved it and so much more with their family! Pete and I have so much to learn from them! Anyways, it was such a please to document this precious family! Enjoy!


The Feldman Family Session

Is this not the sweetest family of three you ever did see? Meet Erin, Beth and Baby Elliot. Erin and Beth welcomed Elliot into the world a short four months ago and are already professional parents. They make the whole parenting-no-sleep-baby-thing look a little too easy. These two were so calm, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by their peace-fullness. What a blessing this peace-fullness will be for Elliot.  He has no idea how lucky he is to have these two as parents! And now ya'll are lucky enough to feast your eyes on these three! Enjoy!

The Munjal Family


YOU GUYS! Meet Sean, Zoe, Zuri and John Moses. How is this level of family cuteness even possible?!?! The Munjal family is the most rad family of four. To give you a tiny idea of just of rad they are....they casually strolled up to the photo session after hiking with their two tiny children. Looking gorgeous. Who does that?!?! Also can I add that they do these family hikes at least once a week with two babies under two.  Adopt me. Please.

Sean and Zoe love Jesus, family and all things outdoor. Their joy and love for each other lights up any space they occupy and is so contagious. Its pretty stinkin' cute. Not to mention their love for their kiddos. Zuri and John Moses are two lucky kids. My favorite thing about the Munjal's is how they live life to the beat of their own drum. In a world full of crazy judgmental parents and strict "do's and don'ts", the Munjal family defies all stereotypes of achieving a "perfect family". And yet their family IS PERFECT (or pretty dang close). They empower their kids in so many ways. They allow them to explore and take risks and fill them with praises about who they are as individuals. 

Anyways, here's a bunch of super adorable pictures of one of my favorite families. Also...is it weird if I make them my phone background? Probably? Too late. 

Mary Claire is a DREAM to work with! I consider myself a crab when it comes to being photographed, but Mary Claire engaged with our kids and made everyone laugh. I didn’t feel like I was posing and you can tell that from our final pictures. If you have shy kids, Mary Claire is a baby whisperer. So grateful for our memories—she captured our family perfectly.
— Zoe M. # 1 Satisfied Customer

Blatz Maternity Session


Meet my friend Dana. She's pretty much perfect. We took some maternity pics right before her sweet baby girl, Athena, was born. She's one of those annoying people that can go from gym clothes to super model in less than 5 minutes. I saw it with my own eyes folks. I came over for this session and she "threw on" this perfect outfit and did "5 minute's of makeup/hair" Jealous much? Yes. 

And sheeesh can we talk about the most perfect baby belly the world has even seen. It's literally GLOWING. I've seen plenty of pregnant women "glow" but Dana's BELLY literally glows. Like WUT??  Dana is beautiful, caring and loves her family like nothing I've ever seen. She's one of the strongest women I know and it's an absolute pleasure to be her friend. So here's some precious pics of my sweet (perfect) friend. FYI just be prepared to have some major jealousy over Dana's little (9 month) baby bod. This girl needs to pump out like 10 kids because ain't nobody supposed to look this good pregnant. K bye. 


The Pender Family


YALLLLLLL!!! Meet the precious Pender family: Matt, Tyler, Camille and Caleb and baby on the way. I love them. I want to steal their children and/or join their family. This sweet family is waiting to find out baby #3's gender until its born(EEEEEK! LOVE THIS!). It was so adorable asking little Camille and Caleb what their gender guesses were. They are so excited for their new little sibling and watching them interact with each other made me so excited for this new little one on the way. They are going to be such amazing siblings to the new addition. Check out the adorable pics of them listening and talking to the little baby bump (OMGH TOOO CUTE). If scrolling through this session doesn't make you want a bajillion children then I don't know what will! This session literally makes me smile from ear to ear. Camille and Caleb are just the cutest. Then there's the rents. Matt and Tyler are such a joy to be around! They are so patient and calm with their little bundles of joy and energy. Its really encouraging to watch them love on their little ones the way they do. Camille and Caleb are so blessed to have Matt and Tyler as their parents. The Pender's genuine love for each other shines so brightly in these photos. Enjoy! (Also, the pic at the end is titled "show me the face you will make when you find out little sibs gender. Needless to say their acting did not disappoint.) 


Baby G


I had the pleasure of taking newborn photos for this sweet family and their adorable 7 day old boy! Sheesshhhh these guys are toooo cute! They also have a pretty amazing pregnancy journey and are now blessed with their third healthy baby! It was so inspiring to hear their story and then watch their three healthy kiddos in front of my eyes! So precious! Scroll to see some pretty rad photos from our session! (Also, can I get an AMEN for how freaking gorgeous this mom is!?! 7 days postpartum and she is absolutely glowing! #postpartumgoals)

San Mateo Newborn Session

Can't Stop Wont Stop? Me too!

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Bryce + April / Engagment Session


Sheesh!!!! Bryce and April have chemistry that is seriously rad. They giggle, cuddle and laugh and kiss like nobody is watching. And I love that. I've known Bryce for over a year now and it absolutely does not come as a surprise that he would find one of the coolist chics in the Peninsula. Bryce and April met while working together at church last year and after months of some pretty intense crushin' Bryce made his move. Needless to say, they are madly in love and their love keeps growing deeper by the minute. Pretty stinkin' cool. They also are on fire for Jesus which is super contagious. Anyways, I could keep raving about this chemistry but I figure I took all these pics to fill yall in....

Ocean Beach,SF

Engagement Session


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