Our Greatest Adventure Yet!


Wooohoooo! Can you believe it!?!? After all these years, we are SO excited to share with you that we are pregnant! Baby Morgan is due 9/25/2019 and we are absolutely over the moon in love with the little babe already.


I know what you (and our parents) are thinking…What the heck took us so long?!? Well, we decided to live up the married life, build our community and grow in our careers before starting a family. Although Pete and those closest to me will testify that I have been rather eager to start cranking out babies for some time now. But I am so thankful we waited. In this waiting time, God has blessed us with a beautiful marriage, an amazing community of friends and outstanding careers. We both decided that 2019 was the year to start and had no idea we would be blessed so early on with a healthy pregnancy! I had a feeling I was pregnant several weeks into January and so we decided to take a video during the pregnancy test just in case it was positive. Peter was 100% skeptical and thought there was no way on earth I would test positive. (See the video bellow). Needless to say we were shocked!

The first trimester was quite the ride! After a week or so of living on cloud nine, I was hit with some crazy nausea, headaches and irritability! I have never felt so sick in my life! Thankfully the symptoms subsided by week 14! Despite the crazy nausea, I had the absolute craziest appetite! I seriously have not eaten this much in my life. And after 27 years of living with the worlds largest sweet tooth, I have wanted nothing but salty and sour throughout this pregnancy! A list of some of my normal 1st trimester cravings: bagels, cold apple slices without the skin on them, pineapple, ginger ale and crackers. A few of the crazy 1st trimester cravings I caved into: tuna salad, hot Cheetos, spicy Fritos, sour gummies. Thank goodness for the baby daddy for putting up with my crazy hormones, insane food requests and occasional sobbing. I would not have survived the first trimester without him!

Our Little Baby:

It has been SO fun to seen our little baby at each appointment. At our 12 week ultrasound little Baby Morgan was sucking his or her thumb and moving around like crazy! Since then, our little babe has sucked his or her thumb during every single ultrasound! It’s seriously too cute! Filling baby Morgan’s dresser with tiny clothes has been one of my favorite things to do. I just cannot believe that the little one will be so tiny!

I am constantly in awe of our little baby already and so overwhelmed with joy. I cannot believe that God has put this little baby inside of me and that his or her life was sustained, grown and continues to grow. It is a blessing that I do not take for granted. There is a line in the song “Out of Hiding” by Steffany Gretzinger that I have held onto so tightly throughout this pregnancy. The lyric sings “I loved you before you knew what was love .” I cannot even express my love for this little life inside of me.

IMG_9765 (1).jpg

Running: I have been so lucky to be able to continue to stay active while pregnant! As most of you know, I love running outdoors here in California and I have a feeling the baby likes it too! At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I was running 30 miles per week this past year and my goal is to run 20 miles per week while pregnant! So far so good! Pete LOVES pregnant MC running and has joined me on several runs per week. He loves that he is faster than I am now and loves teasing me about my “jogging.”


Baby Daddy:

Pete has been an absolute rock star throughout this entire pregnancy so far. He has been so supportive of each decision and does not question any request I have (as crazy as some of them have been). I look at Pete and see so much of what I hope our baby will be. He is loving, patient, motivated, and surpasses me in almost every way. He continually tells me things he cannot wait to teach or do with our baby. I will never forget when we started talking about trying he said to me “I think being a dad will be what I am best at in life.” He is so damn good at everything else in life I can only imagine how amazing he will be as a dad.

Final Thoughts:

We cannot wait to continue to share this amazing journey with all of you! And we cannot wait for you all to meet our little babe in September! For those of you who have asked we have attached our baby registry here!

Love you all!


Pete, MC and Baby Morgan