The Munjal Family


YOU GUYS! Meet Sean, Zoe, Zuri and John Moses. How is this level of family cuteness even possible?!?! The Munjal family is the most rad family of four. To give you a tiny idea of just of rad they are....they casually strolled up to the photo session after hiking with their two tiny children. Looking gorgeous. Who does that?!?! Also can I add that they do these family hikes at least once a week with two babies under two.  Adopt me. Please.

Sean and Zoe love Jesus, family and all things outdoor. Their joy and love for each other lights up any space they occupy and is so contagious. Its pretty stinkin' cute. Not to mention their love for their kiddos. Zuri and John Moses are two lucky kids. My favorite thing about the Munjal's is how they live life to the beat of their own drum. In a world full of crazy judgmental parents and strict "do's and don'ts", the Munjal family defies all stereotypes of achieving a "perfect family". And yet their family IS PERFECT (or pretty dang close). They empower their kids in so many ways. They allow them to explore and take risks and fill them with praises about who they are as individuals. 

Anyways, here's a bunch of super adorable pictures of one of my favorite families. it weird if I make them my phone background? Probably? Too late. 

Mary Claire is a DREAM to work with! I consider myself a crab when it comes to being photographed, but Mary Claire engaged with our kids and made everyone laugh. I didn’t feel like I was posing and you can tell that from our final pictures. If you have shy kids, Mary Claire is a baby whisperer. So grateful for our memories—she captured our family perfectly.
— Zoe M. # 1 Satisfied Customer