The Riley Family

I met the Riley Family when Peter and I first moved to California....and boy did we luck out! They have become like family to us and  we really couldn't imagine California without them. Patrick and Caitlin are so much fun to be around and they have set the bar pretty dang high for our future kids. The amount of hard work and effort they put into every activity they participate in is seriously rad and inspiring. We cannot wait to see the amazing things they will continue to achieve and cheer them on along the way! Marci and Jim are #parentinggoals. They have truly mastered this whole parenting thing and made it look easy all the while. It's really rare to see such a special bond between parents and their children...But they have seriously achieved it and so much more with their family! Pete and I have so much to learn from them! Anyways, it was such a please to document this precious family! Enjoy!