Andrew + Renee + Selah


EEEE! I absolutely love these three peeps, so naturally their photoshoot would the first to appear on the MC Morgan site! Whoop whoop.

***SIDENOTE: turns out this whole making a website thing is harder than my overly confident non computer science brain originally thought. Also, I think my google search history could win some sort of award: "easy website"-->"how to build a website with no computer skills"-->"is squarespace supposed to be this hard"-->"squarespace lied about it being easy?"-->"can you pay someone to build your squarespace website"-->"cheaper options for someone to build your squarespace website"-->"how to delete squarespace website"...needless to say it gotta a little dark at times but I pulled through. 

Anyways, back to these three adorable humans. Andrew, my older brother, met Renee at the sweet souther Auburn University. They both had "crushes" on each other at different times throughout their four years in university and then, senior year, they finally got on the same page! PRAISE JESUS. Renee is beautiful, calm, selfless and gentle. PERFECT for my brother and a sweet addition to our family. AND they are such an inspiring example of God's intention for marriage. 

Enter baby Selah. The worlds most adorable niece. AND our families FIRST niece. You can only imagine how excited our family was to welcome Selah into the world. These pictures were taken 3 days after Renee gave birth. Can you say #postpartumbodygoals? and throw in #hairgoals while were at it. 

I could go on and on explaining how perfect and adorable and beautiful this little family of three is. But I figure these pics are a good start!  



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