The Lee Family


Meet the Lee family. I pretty much have a huge family-crush on this adorably perfect little family. Eugene and Esther moved here from Boston for Eugene's job as campus paster at our church. Pete and I immediately fell in LOVE with them! Eugene is calm, spiritually wise and has this crazy ability to make you feel loved and important all the time! He's pretty rad and we are so thankful to have him as our campus pastor. When I met his wife Esther I immediately developed a huge girl crush on her. She's super rad, hard working, an amazing mom and has a super insane sense of style. And then there's Nathan, Jacob, and Max. Their boys are a perfect extension of their amazing parents. Jacob and Nathan are super close in age and have a freakin' adorable brotherhood that makes my heart totally explode. Max is the adorable little bro who was the real MVP of this session. His faces, poses and expressions were out of control ya'll. Anyways, I've included some outtakes at the end of this session because I don't feel right keeping these laughs and smiles to myself. So scroll away and get ready to smile from ear to ear. PEACE OUT!

Saved the best for last... 

Family Session

Crystal Springs Reservoir, San Mateo CA

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Melissa, Kale and Dani


Ya'll I am SO excited to tell you about Melissa! This girl is one in a million (FOR REAL). I have known Melissa for about 2 years now and have loved our sweet friendship. She's is one of those people that can turn anyone's mood (however sour) into a good one. She'll flip your worst days into sunshines and rainbows and make you smile from ear to ear within 5 minutes. She's bubbly, outgoing, beautiful and a super awesome mom. She's also an insanely hard worker. She went to LVN school shortly after high school (while she had an infant at home). Now, she's about to graduate nursing school and become an RN (while working AND taking care of two adorable kids). WATCH OUT WORLD because she's about to make all other RN's look like scrubs (lol I'm pretty proud of that pun). I love this friend of mine and I am so happy I got to capture her previous family. Her daughers, Kale and Dani, are just like their momma: sweet, beautiful and SO fun to be around. So grab some tissues and scroll through this precious mother daughter(s) session. 

Also #familygoals #motherhoodgoals #hairgoals #facegoals #sisterhoodgoals #allthegoalssszzzzz

***Side note! If you are heart eyes over the adorable flower crowns let me know! They can be added onto any photography session for $20 a piece***


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The Weil Family


This session made me miss my sister SO BADLY! (WAHHH). My sis, Emma, and I are best friends and talk all day every day. We talk on speaker phone in the mornings, text throughout the day, share cat videos, baby, videos, text and then talk again. The Weil sisters are well on the path to this same sisterhood greatness. Adena is 4 and Shoshana is 2. They have such a rad sisterhood friendship, filled with giggles, tickling and hand holding. It was so fun sitting back and watching them interact in their tiny adorable way! Then there's Dannielle and Mike. They are  SUPER down to earth and easy to chat with too. PLUS, they have raised some pretty stinkin' adorable girls. Anyways, instead of gabbing on and on about this sisterhood I'll let you scroll and see for yourself! 


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Baby Zachary


Oh. Em. Geeeeeeeeee. I cannot get over this tiny itty bitty 7 day old human. Like HOW do we all start this freaking tiny?! For those of you who know me, you know that I love all things baby. So it comes as no surprise that I absolutely LOVE newborn sessions. And to make matters even cuter, this newborn session involves an adorable older brother, Noah, who may just make you cry/ugly cry) when you scroll to the pics of him holding Zach. The genuine connection between Noah and his little brother Zach is unreal and super adorable. (The one of Noah holding Zachs hand, OMGH). Anyways, I could tell you more but just scroll and cry and go find a baby to steal for a bit. 


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The Heston Family

Tim + Sara make THE MOST beautiful children. Like unreal beautiful. Claire is 4 and Connor is 2 and they are every bit as charming as they are cute. Connor just started lacing sentences together and I may have melted a few time when he said "baby church" when he was explaining his weekend plans to me. Its the darn cutest thing to listen to him talk. And then there's Claire. Claire and I are made out of the same stuff ya'll. She's a huge princess fan. Loves everything girlie and pink. Has a huge imagination and isn't afraid to tell you exactly what she wants. Needless to say, we are bestie's. And then there's Tim and Sara. They are not only hardworking and super successful in their careers but they also are the SWEETEST parents. Peter and I have been friends with the Heston's for over a year now and cannot wait to keep living life with this adorable little family. 

So scroll away and get your heart eyes ready because you're gunna need them. ALSO...a couple of little gems below from the shoot: The one picture with their yellow lab photobombing in the window and the one of Connor mean muggin. I. Cant. I LOVE THIS FAMILY 

Mary Claire has been absolutely amazing to work with. Pictures with two small kids can be a challenge but she is a pro at keeping everyone engaged and smiling. She works fast and keeps it fun. The mix of traditional poses and more candid shots gave us a variety of pictures and really captured our family’s personality.
— Sara H.

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The Pederson Family

Meet Jake, Ellie, Sarah and Charlie.

I cried tears of joy. Literal tears of joy during this photoshoot from the shear connection that this family has...then I straight up ugly cried when I got home and started editing. THIS FAMILY IS UNREAL. Someone once gave me a piece of parenting advice that went something along the lines of "Wanna be the best parents in the world? Start by loving your spouse." And SHEESH if you can't tell that Charlie and Sarah love each other by these pics then I'm pretty sure you are a robot. Their love is so natural and genuine and inspiring. And ontop of that, they have ADORABLE children: Jake and Ellie. Jake's heading off to college in a few weeks so they decided to book a session before he heads out. Ellie's got a few more of those sweet carefree high school years left. Anyways, I could go on and on and on and on about this family. But instead, heres some freakin' photos to prove to you that this family may be the coolest, well-connected and families EVA. Okay PEACE.  


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Jon + Sarah

These. Two. 

Pete and I have had the pleasure of being friends with Jon and Sarah for over a year now and SHEEEESH they are some cool cats. They are super smart. Attractive. Driven. Spiritually wise. And making a huge difference in this world. They recently moved to Santa Cruz for Jon's PHD program (remember the super smart thing I mentioned earlier?) and we sure miss them! 

Enjoy, Yall! 


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Jonathan + Joann

Va. Va. Voom. These two lovebirds. Are unreal. 

Jonathan and Joann are another couple in our bible study and Pete and I have been best buds with these two for 2 years now. Joann is one of those girls who is instantly your best friend and down to hang anytime. She's peaceful, funny and beautiful all at the same time. (like model status beautiful). Jonathan can tell stories that will make you laugh til you pee. He's diligent, hard working and super talented in so many ways! Best of all, they love each other. SO. MUCH. And it totally shows. Like stop being so cute already. I love these two so so so much. And I am SUPER excited to share a glimpse of their adorable relationship with you all. 

Jealous? SAME. 


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