Leona + Cj County Fair Session


I mean SHESSSHHHH this entire session rocked my photography-lovin' and fair-enthusiast  soul! First of all, Leona and CJ are seriously rad. I mean, the type of people that give you major couple jealousy and envy. Also, Leona and I are long lost soul sisters and may or may not have become best friends after we both looked at each other and said simultaneously that "this is going to be lit, literally" after walking into the fair. I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP, WE WERE SEPARATED AT BIRTH. 

Not only are CJ and Leona both annoyingly attractive, they also have equally annoyingly perfect personalities and a seriously adorable love that is really contagious. Their love is honestly as vibrant, spirited and fun-filled as the fair in which this session was shot. So, feast your eyes on this one folks. It's one for the books.