Thanksgiving 2017


I absolutely LOVE this time of year. I have so many fond & festive childhood memories specific to the holiday season. Cinnamon mulling spices filling the house and holiday music on a constant loop. Blasting Mariah Carrey and squeezing into the backseat of our old blue and white suburban to go hunt for the perfect tree. Crisp fall air and "cozy time" with the four of us siblings curling up on the couch watching the Macy's day parade. There's just something amazing about family and siblings that cannot be described in words...thankfully, pictures help fill in some of these connections and bonds (Shameless photography plug he he).  It has been so special adding family members to our mix each year, each one bringing new traditions and memories. And the crazy thing is, our families are only going to grow more in size and traditions in the years ahead. This year, we added Emily to our crazy family mix and she fit right in. Alex and Emily got married in August this year and live a nomadic adventurous life in wild places. They live in a teal and purple school bus they converted into a house and spend their free time exploring. Its pretty rad. They made their way down from North Carolina in their bus-home. Andrew, Renee and sweet baby Selah (now one years old) drove from Pensacola where Andrew has just started flight school. Despite a childhood brain surgery and tons of obstacles in between, he has been blessed with a well deserved acceptance into flight school and has two years of training ahead of him. He also has a beautiful, loving wife and sweet and sassy baby girl. This little family of three is so precious and sweet baby Selah brings so much joy to our family. Little baby sis, Emma, drove down from Houston mid-semester. By the way, she's rocking a 4.0 pre-nursing GPA. Pete and I flew out of California and into Houston on Thursday morning and made our way to my mom's Beach House in Galveston to meet up with the fam jam. My mom and step-dad are super duper talented and have created the most amazing Airbnb Galveston getaway beach house. This place is tailored and "beachy" and down to the last detail. My step-dad's kiddos came into the mix as well. We spent the break here together as a crazy, messy and wild family. And I wouldn't have changed a thing. We seriously have so much to be thankful for.  Here are some tiny snaps of our wild love. 

2017_11_ 23Thanksgiving Edited For Web 0001.jpg

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