The Pederson Family

Meet Jake, Ellie, Sarah and Charlie.

I cried tears of joy. Literal tears of joy during this photoshoot from the shear connection that this family has...then I straight up ugly cried when I got home and started editing. THIS FAMILY IS UNREAL. Someone once gave me a piece of parenting advice that went something along the lines of "Wanna be the best parents in the world? Start by loving your spouse." And SHEESH if you can't tell that Charlie and Sarah love each other by these pics then I'm pretty sure you are a robot. Their love is so natural and genuine and inspiring. And ontop of that, they have ADORABLE children: Jake and Ellie. Jake's heading off to college in a few weeks so they decided to book a session before he heads out. Ellie's got a few more of those sweet carefree high school years left. Anyways, I could go on and on and on and on about this family. But instead, heres some freakin' photos to prove to you that this family may be the coolest, well-connected and families EVA. Okay PEACE.  


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