The Heston Family

Tim + Sara make THE MOST beautiful children. Like unreal beautiful. Claire is 4 and Connor is 2 and they are every bit as charming as they are cute. Connor just started lacing sentences together and I may have melted a few time when he said "baby church" when he was explaining his weekend plans to me. Its the darn cutest thing to listen to him talk. And then there's Claire. Claire and I are made out of the same stuff ya'll. She's a huge princess fan. Loves everything girlie and pink. Has a huge imagination and isn't afraid to tell you exactly what she wants. Needless to say, we are bestie's. And then there's Tim and Sara. They are not only hardworking and super successful in their careers but they also are the SWEETEST parents. Peter and I have been friends with the Heston's for over a year now and cannot wait to keep living life with this adorable little family. 

So scroll away and get your heart eyes ready because you're gunna need them. ALSO...a couple of little gems below from the shoot: The one picture with their yellow lab photobombing in the window and the one of Connor mean muggin. I. Cant. I LOVE THIS FAMILY 

Mary Claire has been absolutely amazing to work with. Pictures with two small kids can be a challenge but she is a pro at keeping everyone engaged and smiling. She works fast and keeps it fun. The mix of traditional poses and more candid shots gave us a variety of pictures and really captured our family’s personality.
— Sara H.

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