Erin + Jeff Engagement Session

UM. I am literally counting down the minutes until I get to photograph these two again at their wedding next year. MY HEART IS EXPLODING. The amount of laughter and genuine smiles was killing meeeee. And the way they look at each other has me SHOOK. Erin and Jeff, you guys are the realist. Thanks for being so darn rad and cute. See y’all at the alter. he he.


Leah + Ed Engagement Session | Lovers Lane, SF

Holy SMOKE SHOW. I am literally speechless and audibly gasped several times while editing these. First of all, Leah is one of those annoying people who “feels uncomfortable in front of the camera” and then BAM turns into a freaking model and KILLS IT. She is NATURAL and needs to be hired by an agency. And then ED. OMG ED. I AM CRYING at the way he looks at Leah. I literally CANNOT WAIT for Jan 20 for this freaking wedding. Until then….


Ginny + Fred 60th Anniversary


“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me. That's what I'd hoped to give you forever” 

Ginny and Fred, I will be completely content and blessed if, in 60 years, my marriage is even a quarter of what you two have. The love you two have is infectious, giddy, joyful and genuine. I can't help but think about the years of life you two have lived together--the struggles you have been through together, the laughs you have had, the triumphs you have faced together and the bond you have built. You are my role models. May your love continue to sparkle for the rest of us. 

Brb let me just grab 1,000 tissues. 


Leona + Cj County Fair Session


I mean SHESSSHHHH this entire session rocked my photography-lovin' and fair-enthusiast  soul! First of all, Leona and CJ are seriously rad. I mean, the type of people that give you major couple jealousy and envy. Also, Leona and I are long lost soul sisters and may or may not have become best friends after we both looked at each other and said simultaneously that "this is going to be lit, literally" after walking into the fair. I AM NOT MAKING THAT UP, WE WERE SEPARATED AT BIRTH. 

Not only are CJ and Leona both annoyingly attractive, they also have equally annoyingly perfect personalities and a seriously adorable love that is really contagious. Their love is honestly as vibrant, spirited and fun-filled as the fair in which this session was shot. So, feast your eyes on this one folks. It's one for the books. 



Kyle and Carisa's Proposal


YOU GUYS! I cannot contain my excitement about this one! Seriously, these two human beings are THE CUTEST and I CANNOT believe that I had the honor of being a teeny tiny part of their special day. SHEESH WHAT AN HONOR (I was going to do this post in ALL CAPS but for your eye's sake, I decided against it). Anyways, I was so excited about this photo session for the past several weeks and it lived up to every single expectation my lil-photographer-self envisioned Also, I seriously wish someone had footage of me hiding on bakers beach for this thang...that footage would be GOLD. 

Anyways, I am seriously stoked for these two and am so excited to share their special proposal with you all! Kyle + Carisa...I wish you two many many more amazing memories; It only gets better from here! :)


Half Moon Bay Greenhouse Session

My. Greenhouse. Dreams. Have. Come True. 

DUDE! How freakin' perfect is this session? I mean, I may or may not have contemplated making our apartment an actual greenhouse. Let's just say I'm married to a rational human being who was able to talk me out of buying 10,000 orchids for our apartment.

Anyways, Julio and Candice are freakin' rock stars and made this session every bit as dreamy as I imagined. If you ever have the opportunity, go to these Half Moon Bay Greenhouses. They will not disappoint.