Baby Isla's Newborn Session

Happy Sunday Folks! Today I had the sweet privilege of capturing the precious new addition to the Garrison family….Isla!

It felt like just yesterday when Heather, John, Annly and I were running around the Museum of Ice cream like crazy people capturing still shots of their fun personalities for their adoption portfolio. And today, I watched the new family of four love, laugh and cuddle each other for a sweet precious hour. My heart is so overwhelmed by this beautiful journey and I wish so badly I could explain to Isla just how lucky she is to be part of this family. She is loved more than she could ever fathom by a team of three that any kid would be lucky to be a part of. I cannot wait to continue to watch their family through all of the exciting milestones ahead.


Baby Lien Fresh 48

Oh. My. Word. Meredith Grace. Welcome to the world little lamb.

Where do I even begin with this one?!?!? The adorable doll of a baby? The PRECIOUS 22-month-old sis? The perfect mom who delivered a freakin' baby the same day of this session and looks better than I do on a normal day? The sweet (outnumbered) dad holding his second DAUGHTER?!?! AGHHH this one was good for the soul!

Seriously, the Lien family is absolutely adorable. (I'm still trying to figure out how to get adopted into it.) Anyways, Karen casually looked absolutely stunning just hours after delivering her precious little baby girl and is one of those moms that makes it look all too easy! Suzie, the 22-month-old sis, was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. When I walked into the room she immediately made it known that little baby Lien was her baby and nobody else's (apparently not even Mom and Dads). She's already got the protective older sis thing down! Henry is now officially outnumbered by beautiful ladies and was seriously glowing with a smile that was so contagious it had me smiling! I could go ON AND ON about this one, but instead, here are the pics. WARNING: these may make you steal (or make?) a baby. 


The Pender Family

EEEEK! The Pender family just added a new adorable lil one! I was able to take maternity pictures for Tyler with the rest of her adorable little family (linked here) several months ago when this lil guy was still growing! It's crazy how fast time is flying bye! 

This session gave me all the feels. One of my favorite things was seeing how Camille and Caleb interacted with their new baby brother! It seriously was MELTING my heart! Anyways, here's another session of another perfect lil growing family that I LOVE! 


Baby Ian Fresh 48


Baby Ian Choe arrived today at 11:15am. A precious, healthy, tiny little 7 pounds 6 ounce baby boy. Peter and I have been so blessed with the amazing friendship of Sean and Wonji over the past 2 years and could seriously SCREAM with excitement because they are officially PARENTS! I am absolutely overwhelmed with SO MUCH joy...Not only because they have just become parents to the worlds cutest little nugget, but also because I know (without a doubt) that they will be God-fearing parents to this tiny boy. That they will show Ian what it means to love Christ. That their joy and light for Jesus will spread to Ian (much like it has already spread to all of those around them) so immensely and powerfully that he will undoubtedly be filled with the Holy Spirit. So today, we Praise Jesus. We Praise him for a healthy mom and baby. For a Man and Woman of God who have just become Parents. And for the journey they have ahead with their son. For a Child of God. 


Baby G


I had the pleasure of taking newborn photos for this sweet family and their adorable 7 day old boy! Sheesshhhh these guys are toooo cute! They also have a pretty amazing pregnancy journey and are now blessed with their third healthy baby! It was so inspiring to hear their story and then watch their three healthy kiddos in front of my eyes! So precious! Scroll to see some pretty rad photos from our session! (Also, can I get an AMEN for how freaking gorgeous this mom is!?! 7 days postpartum and she is absolutely glowing! #postpartumgoals)

San Mateo Newborn Session

Can't Stop Wont Stop? Me too!

Ive got cha covered. Click below for more cuteness


Baby Lucy


Can we just talk about how much I FREAKING LOVE LUCY....

 Lucy is our first Life group baby. We've been in bible study("lifegroup") with Matt and Lisa for 2 years a now and precious little Lucy just became the first infant addition to our group. And sheesh, she sure makes a freaking adorable addition. I cannot even begin to tell you my excitement level as she was growing inside one of my best friends, Lisa, every week. I remember when they announced their pregnancy to us: we all screamed, cried, football tackled each other and then cried some more. I remember feeling her kick for the first time and then proceeding to cry for a good 5 minutes after and then holding my hand on Lisa's tiny belly for an awkwardly long amount of time each time we were together thereafter (HAHA). Then there was the gender reveal party when Matt hit a baseball filled with bright pink powder and the world turned upside down for a second. They werent just going to have a child, they were going to be raising a DAUGHTER. The joy we all experienced that day was unreal. And then, the countless prayers we poured over Lisa, Matt and this precious daughter. Then there was the labor journey and the collective group of us anxiously waiting to get THAT text. That moment was pretty dang rad. What a beautiful journey it has been. She was born August 24th all of 6 pounds 13 ounces. Teeny little lamb. These pics were taken just 6 hours after her delivery (and after I snuggled her to pieces and called her every adorable nickname I could think of in a high pitched baby voice).  

Also just a warning, Lucy will be featured pretty dang often on the MC Morgan site. But for now, I'll leave you with this little gem. 

Belmont, CA

Newborn Session


Baby Zachary


Oh. Em. Geeeeeeeeee. I cannot get over this tiny itty bitty 7 day old human. Like HOW do we all start this freaking tiny?! For those of you who know me, you know that I love all things baby. So it comes as no surprise that I absolutely LOVE newborn sessions. And to make matters even cuter, this newborn session involves an adorable older brother, Noah, who may just make you cry/ugly cry) when you scroll to the pics of him holding Zach. The genuine connection between Noah and his little brother Zach is unreal and super adorable. (The one of Noah holding Zachs hand, OMGH). Anyways, I could tell you more but just scroll and cry and go find a baby to steal for a bit. 


Click below for more teeenie tiny itty bitty cuteness! 


Andrew + Renee + Selah


EEEE! I absolutely love these three peeps, so naturally their photoshoot would the first to appear on the MC Morgan site! Whoop whoop.

***SIDENOTE: turns out this whole making a website thing is harder than my overly confident non computer science brain originally thought. Also, I think my google search history could win some sort of award: "easy website"-->"how to build a website with no computer skills"-->"is squarespace supposed to be this hard"-->"squarespace lied about it being easy?"-->"can you pay someone to build your squarespace website"-->"cheaper options for someone to build your squarespace website"-->"how to delete squarespace website"...needless to say it gotta a little dark at times but I pulled through. 

Anyways, back to these three adorable humans. Andrew, my older brother, met Renee at the sweet souther Auburn University. They both had "crushes" on each other at different times throughout their four years in university and then, senior year, they finally got on the same page! PRAISE JESUS. Renee is beautiful, calm, selfless and gentle. PERFECT for my brother and a sweet addition to our family. AND they are such an inspiring example of God's intention for marriage. 

Enter baby Selah. The worlds most adorable niece. AND our families FIRST niece. You can only imagine how excited our family was to welcome Selah into the world. These pictures were taken 3 days after Renee gave birth. Can you say #postpartumbodygoals? and throw in #hairgoals while were at it. 

I could go on and on explaining how perfect and adorable and beautiful this little family of three is. But I figure these pics are a good start!  



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