The Weil Family


This session made me miss my sister SO BADLY! (WAHHH). My sis, Emma, and I are best friends and talk all day every day. We talk on speaker phone in the mornings, text throughout the day, share cat videos, baby, videos, text and then talk again. The Weil sisters are well on the path to this same sisterhood greatness. Adena is 4 and Shoshana is 2. They have such a rad sisterhood friendship, filled with giggles, tickling and hand holding. It was so fun sitting back and watching them interact in their tiny adorable way! Then there's Dannielle and Mike. They are  SUPER down to earth and easy to chat with too. PLUS, they have raised some pretty stinkin' adorable girls. Anyways, instead of gabbing on and on about this sisterhood I'll let you scroll and see for yourself! 


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